11431 Auhagen Boiler house with smokestack, HO


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Model material:die cast

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This is a basic model for a complex „August Hagen AG from the modular system. The grid construction allows this structure to be individually expanded or supplemented. The boiler house features overhead lighting, pipe conduits in different lengths including T-pieces, a slide valve with a hand wheel, a variety of curved parts, sleeves, wall or ground insertion and a bridge element with 2 supports. Expandable with No. 80 103 Roof vents and No. 80 104 Pipe conduits. Smokestack can be erected optionally with or without a base. This model can be complemented with grapplers as well as damping and reinforcement rings.
Coal or ash is transported with a replica mine cart that is included along with the track.
Boiler house 215 x 205 x 120 mm
Height 380 mm, diameter at the foot of the smokestack 30 mm
Base 58 x 58 x 54 mm


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11431 Auhagen Boiler house with smokestack, HO

11431 Auhagen Boiler house with smokestack, HO

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